The best method to talk to a live person at the IRS is to follow these instructions step by step. Following these instructions will ensure that when you call the IRS you are prepared to obtain the information you need. Talking to a live person at the IRS is NOT easy. Your objective is to call once and get the information you need. Review these steps before you call. After you call the IRS, go through these steps to successfully talk to a live agent.

Pro Tip: The best time to call the IRS is Wednesday or Thursday 7am-7pm

1. Have pen and paper ready

It is important to have something to write with in case you are given specific instructions on the next step. Don't rely on your memory.

2. Charge your cellphone

Be sure that you phone is fully charged or at least at 75%. Also, have a phone charger ready. You are going to be on hold for a long time. Be ready.

3. Use headsets to keep hands free

It is recommended that you use a headset or Bluetooth headset before you call. You want to keep your hands free and be able to write down notes or grab documents while you are talking to the IRS agent.

4. Call 1 800 829 1040

This is the main number for the IRS for tax related questions.

5. Press 1 for English

You wil be greeted by a prompt to select your language. The IRS serves many Americans who have families who do not speak English as their primary language. These might be immigrants who pay their taxes and have questions.

PRO TIP: If you speak another language other than English and the IRS offers that language, press the number for that language, the queue will be shorted than the English hot line. - It pays to be bilingual

6. Press 2 for personal taxes and provide Social Security Number

You will be asked to enter your social security number. You SSN is required. If you don't have your SSN Number available, you will not be able to talk to a representative.

7. Press 3 for "Other" related taxes

Pressing 3 for other transfers you to an agent.

8. Wait for an IRS Representative.

Expect to be on hold for while. It is not uncommon to be on hold for 30 minutes to 2 hours.

9. Be Patient You may be on hold for a while.

This is why its so important to be prepared. The best times days to call is Wed or Thurs.

10. Person Answers: Be polite and friendly. The agent is most likely to help you if your conversation is pleasant.

 Alright! You made it this far. Now you get to talk to a person. Be courteous and kind. Remember, these people do this job everyday and are humans also. If you keep your objective, you will get what you want by being polite. Remember to say Please and Thank you.

Done - Hope that help with your taxes this year.