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A third stimulus check is coming

The American Rescue Plan was passed into lawy and it includes up to $1,400 in stimulus checks for eligible taxpayers, plus an
additional $1,400 for each dependent. We know how important this check is to you, we’re here to help you.

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Many of our users have reported the IRS calling them asking for money, if they don't pay, the IRS will take you to jail. This is false, the IRS will never call you on your phone. Please be alert, don't fall victim of IRS scams. If you ever want to talk to the IRS, you should call them directly, the telephone number is 1-800-829-1040. However, the best thing to do is to go to their website. - you can find almost anything you are looking for related to your taxes. you can even login to check the status of your refund on line, for free by using their website, we encourage you to become familiar with their website, it contains alot of good information about your taxes and about these scams.

Posted on Mon Apr 19, 2021 By ingeborg (US)

still no success!

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Posted on Mon Apr 19, 2021 By kelly (US)

they are not answering their phones

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Posted on Thu Apr 15, 2021 By linda (US)

the "try again" option worked for me thank you

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Posted on Thu Apr 15, 2021 By cristina (DO)

buenos dias mi pregunta es soy viuda de un veterano de guerra kiero saver si califico para la ayuda como viuda de un veterano

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Posted on Wed Apr 14, 2021 By edith (US)

i did not work for me is there another way to get ahold of the customer service rep for the irs

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Posted on Wed Apr 14, 2021 By deb (US)

i finally got through, after multiple tries over many days but worked i was on hold for about minutes they need to do something about their 'hold music', that was the worst part the csr picked up, and i explained my situation, she put me back on hold to check out my records she got back on after less than min, said there aren't any issues, they're just horrendously backed up ie, i efiled, and she said it could be as long as weeks to be deposited but, at least i did get through, thanks for these tips i daresay i'll need them in the future

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Posted on Tue Apr 13, 2021 By anonymous (US)

step worked on the first try

thank you

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Posted on Tue Apr 13, 2021 By diana (US)

my husband passed away * * * * * filed extension early by cpa i am executer of estate his ss is 330520608, his refund is $3022 all forms have been sent in by the cpa how can i get this resolved his taxes where filed on 9112020?

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Posted on Thu Dec 29, 2016 By Alvaro

Como me pueden ayudar están utilizando el seguro de mi hijo de depende desde el 2008 sin mi autorización y a mi no me han mandado nada para la manutención

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Posted on Mon Apr 12, 2021 By anita (US)

i am fed up with the irs blatantly lying on their website, ie tax returns being processed and electronically deposited usually within days this is a crock for sure and a blatant out right lie to citizens of the united states mine is still in processing well over a month and more!

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