Did you received a call from the IRS saying that if you dont pay them your taxes, they are going to take you to court?

if the answer is yes, you do not need to worry. It is a SCAM!

There are people who do this every day. They call americans at random to threat them by pretending to work for the IRS and if you dont pay them, they will take you to court. But its not true.

The IRS will never call you at random to tell you they are suing you. Instead, the IRS knows where you live, they will mail you a letter.

Ofcourse, if you owe the IRS backed taxes, you will be aware that you owe them money.

Next time you get a phone call from someone pretending to be from the IRS, don't believe them. Immediately hang up the phone. If they keep harassing you, call the police to investigate.

If you are a person who owes the IRS money, the best advise I can give you is to call the IRS. Talk to them and see if you can get into a payment plan. This will give you peace of mind. We are all good Americans and we need to do our part. Its hard sometimes, but we all have to work together to protect each other from scammers.

If you would like to, please leave the phone number that called you so we can all report it to each other and have a record of the phone call, also, it would be helpful if you tell us what the person on the phone said.