Third Stimulus Check Checklist

See if you qualify for a stimulus check and how much you can expect.

The IRS has started to distribute the stimulus checks and is expected all eligible people can receive their stimulus checks as early as the week of March 17, 2021

It is expected that qualifitying americans will start to get their check in the back if they have direc deposit with the IRS. If you filed your 2020 income tax return with the IRS for 2020, the IRS already has your bank information and they will be automatically direct deposit into your account.

To qualify, you will need to know the following questions:

Have you filed your 2020 taxes yet?

What was your filing status?
Married filing jointly
Married filing separately
Head of household
Qualifying widow(er)

What was your adjusted gross income (AGI) in 2020?
(You can find this on line 11 of your tax return)
More than $70,000
Less than $70,0004
I Don't Know0

Did somebody claim you as a dependent on their tax return?

How many dependents did you claim on your return in 2020?

Do you have your Social Security Number?