I submitted my income taxes in February of this year it's been since three weeks since I have not heard anything from my check how can I find out what is the status of my checks

When I called the IRS I call their 800 number and all I did is a machine no one can help me I have been trying to get a hold of someone at the IRS and when I try to go through the prompts in the machine at the and it puts me on hold but nobody comes to the light to help me

I feel very frustrated because I need that money to pay something that that I have is not that much money but at the time I didn't have a checking account and my the person well the person who did my taxes told me it would be faster if I have a checking account but at the time when I did my taxes I didn't have a checking account so I told the guy to send that to my mail at my home but I have not received it

If the problem with my IRS tax refund is because I don't have a checking account how can I change it back from sending it to my home and putting it to direct deposit to my checking account in my back because it would be faster that way I don't have to wait that long

Does anybody know of an easy way how to do this because I really need to know how I can find out the status I really feel frustrated with the system and I don't know what to do because like before I was able to go to the local IRS office for questions regarding my taxes but because of budget problems with the government they close that office now and the nearest office is in downtown which is like 90 miles away for four need to get there and I don't have a card the moment so you can see I'm stuck I have heard my friend tell me that you can check online but I don't trust the online website is that true