Stop Scam Calls

If you are tired of receiving a large amount of annoying telemarketer calls, this is how you stop them from calling you:

  • Listen to the announcement and press the number to speak to an agent.
  • Wait for the agent to come online and start speaking.
  • Mute your phone
  • Start pressing random numbers
  • This will annoy them and they will block the system from calling you
  • Immediately block the number

Enough is enough. What is our government and telecommunications providers doing about the proliferation of these annoying and sometimes threatening calls from advertisers who want to take advantage of the citizen's good will?

You will be glad to know that the U.S government is implementing several initiatives to combat the spread of these overseas company praying on older Americans. These companies take advantage of older folks because they are easy targets. The Federal Communications Commission has started a program to stop unwanted robocalls and texts on your mobile devices. As new programs and strategies are implemented by the government, the scam companies are finding ways to bypass the programs vulnerabilities. Its a constant fight between governments and telecommunications providers like the FCC to stop these delinquencies. The FCC has Pushed to Combat Robocalls & Spoofing, yet you may seem like they are not working because everyday we get these calls.

The FCC has received millions of consumer complaints and they have advised that this is a top priority to the US government. Some of the complaints are consumers are being spoofed. Spoofing is when these telemarketers act genuine authentic service provider to lead consumers to buy their products. Many times stealing consumer's private information.

Legal Action

Telecommunication Giants and government agencies have filed numerous complaints issuing millions of dollars for enforcement action to illegal robocall companies. Telecommunication companies have blocked illegal and unwanted robocalls based on analytical data that will not reach consumers. By now, you may have noticed that the amount of calls has been reduced thus improving the volume of robocalls telephone consumers received on a daily basis.

One way you can help stop these robocalls is to contact the FCC yourself and file a complaint. Go to to visit their website and file a complaint. The process is very easy and it will give the FCC more information about where and who these scammers are targeting. This information will also help in the analytics thus helping to identify potential loopholes these robocall companies and penetrating and hacking.


Telecommunication Companies have the technology to implement system to identify and block spam calls. These are some common tools provided to telephone consumer to fight robocalls and unwanted calls:

Caller ID
Call Block
Call Screening
Voice Mail

Start implementing these strategies next time you get unwanted robocalls from advertisers and telemarketers. This will ensure you have a safe telephone experience and it will help you protect your privacy. Another benefit of implementing these strategies is you are doing something to help protect yourself from identity theft. Next time you get a call from the following, do not give any information:

* IRS Information
* Health Care Providers
* Social Security Administration
* Credit Card Approval
* Vacation Packages
* Computer Technical Services

Do not give any of the following to any person over the phone.

Social Security Number
Credit Card Number
Your Home Address
You Family's contact information
Your Identification Number (Drivers license)
YOUR PASSWORD (never, never, never)

I hope these tips help you avoid getting caught by unwanted calls and identify theft. If you have any questions, please list them below.